April 27, 2018 Mud Ride

What an awesome ride! Thanks to Rockwell Watches for sponsoring the TRAX Ride this month and giving away an awesome pair of Rockwell goggles! Though the ride wasn’t what we had originally planned due to snow levels, we did find a lot of mud and had a great adventure getting machines unstuck!

TRAX headed to the mountains the day before to assess the trails and determine whether we’d be able access the trails we were planning on exploring. Due to snow conditions, we soon found ourselves in a predictament. After an hour of attempting to dig the machine out of the slushy snow, (We were very ill prepared. Lesson learned) we headed off the mountain on foot and developed plan “B” for the following day. Part of which would include retrieving the machine we abandoned on the mountain.


Plan “B” started at Chalk Creek Road.


We stopped at the state line where Utah & Wyoming meet and took advantage of a photo op.


We then headed up to where we knew the mud was, as we had explored the week before. As you can see, there is still a lot of snow but it is melting quickly, which made for a lot of mud.







We got as far as we could go until the snow forced us to turn back down, which was a great opportunity to break for lunch.




Why does lunch always taste better in the mountains? We ate, we talked, we laughed, we cat napped and we were anxious to get back into the mud!


As part of the swag bags for this ride, we handed out ponchos. Only one person was “man enough” to dawn the poncho. I think he just acquired a new nickname. Say hi to Poncho!





Back down to Chalk Creek Road to trailer up and head over to Gold Hill to retrieve the stuck machine from the night before. This wasn’t going to be part of the ride, but everybody wanted to join in, so the fun continued!

We stopped in at Bear River Lodge to load up the CanAm Defender with tracks. A good call! It didn’t take long before everybody was stuck.




The Defender with tracks came to the rescue, pulling everyone out. Some people needed rescued more than once. We won’t mention any names 😉



Thanks to the Defender (these machines are awesome in the snow so long as you stay on the trail, we may or may not have learned that the hard way) , we made it to the top and found our machine just as we had left it the night before. Still very much stuck.




The Defender made short work of freeing the Maverick Trail from its stranded state on the mountain.


It’s always a fun adventure with TRAX Rides! Join us May 19th for another day of fun!


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